Our Technology

   Electropolish has developed systems for electropolishing, cleaning and passivation of stainless steels.
   We provide services for in-site cleaning, restoration and passivation, of existing and new installations,
     as well as electropolishing.
   In addition to these services, we license our unique technology and are able to install complete systems for
     both electropassivation and electropolishing.
   Our systems uniquely require no replenishment, replacement or disposal of electrolyte indefinitely. EPA and
     OH&S requirements and compliance costs are therefore minimal, compared with existing methods.
   Our technology is well proven over 12 years in Australia, USA & NZ. We offer a wide range of practical
     expertise in operation and system implementation.

Our services include:

A portable, in-situ process for cleaning, restoration and passivation of stainless steels. Removal of tea staining and weld oxidation without scratching or etching.

Provides a premium electropolished surface, improvement in surface roughness and corrosion resistance.

A complete replacement of conventional pickling and passivation baths. This unique process developed by Electropolish is suited to manufacturers of stainless steel components who require post fabrication cleaning, pickling and passivation treatments. We can also provide conventional passivation systems using our unique electrolyte.

Summary of our capabilities for treatment of stainless steel surfaces: